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Summer, family pictures, & a new addition!


If you follow me, you probably know I’m a huge fan of summer. It means it’s warm outside and we get to follow what I call rock star hours—you know, stay up till 1 or 2 am, don’t roll out of bed till 9 or 10. But this summer, we’re moving, which means we’ve been fixing up our house to sell it and dealing with lots of early appointments. Now the house has been sold and we’re a few weeks from moving to a place where I’ll get my very own office! I’m seriously so excited for that! For the past several years, I’ve made do with the corner of my bedroom, and while I’m grateful for all the books I’ve written in that corner–while ignoring my messy bedroom & having people running and out when they “need” stuff–it’s totally going to be easier to write more kissing scenes without constant interruptions! (Ok, so I know that might still happen). But I’ll have spots for my boxes of books and walls to hang inspirational art on. I’ll be posting pics as soon as I’m all set up. After setting up my desk and computer, the priority is definitely going to be more bookshelves.

Family pictures

I meant to take family pictures about a hundred times throughout the years. After all, the last official pictures we took were in a studio, back when I only had one kiddo. (I have 3 now, & that first kiddo is 15). After seeing some of the amazing pictures from The Real Teal Lemmon, I set up an appointment. My family and I decided we wanted something that fit us, which meant Marvel themed shirts, & that one of my kiddos wanted the pink one, even though the rest of us had black T-shirts. So we threw in some pink pants and the photographer found us some awesome background walls, & we ended up with the coolest family pictures EVER. And I also got a new author headshot! SCORE!


New addition

My daughter went to volunteer at the vet clinic where her grandpa works a few weeks ago, and they had a little kitty who’d been attacked by a dog and lost an eye. Naturally, she fell in love, then had me come in to meet the cat so I’d fall in love, too. We’re all smitten with our cute little kitten (Yes, I rhymed on purpose-LOL) As I mentioned, we’re a wee bit Marvel-obsessed at our house, so introducing Agent Nikki Fury…


She’s good at distracting & sleeping

My overly dramatic tomcat is still adjusting. This was his expression when he saw her, & it pretty much says it all. LOL

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